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EcoLock - vinyl sheet piles

EcoLock vinyl sheet piles are manufactured in the process of molding or so called co-extrusion from polyvinyl chloride with addition of substances refining its parameters (e.g. toughness modifiers, UV and thermal stabilizers etc.) and making its processing easier. The sheet piles are produced by extrusion as a monolithic profiles or co-extrusion with a core made of a material obtained from recycling of constructional PVC which is coated with a layer of virgin material. Normally they produced in gray, olive and brown. EcoLock sheet piles are used in civil engineering as sheet piling, to regulate the river bed as collateral the bank of a river or a retaining wall.

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PolGrid - geosynthetics

In order to improve the durability of the ground, it is used a variety of solutions. One of the most enduring and bringing the results is the use of geogrids POLGRID for soil stabilization. They are produced based on the thermoplastic plate with a specific thickness being extruded, and next microperfored. In the next step the plate is stretched in both directions to prepare a mesh of the desired size.

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SuperLock - composite sheet piling

SuperLock is a system of composite polyster or vinyl ester piling, reinforced with glass fiber (FRP) and manufactured in the pultrusion process. In this process, glass fibres, placed on special racks, are fed in bundles into the tub, where they are resaturated with resin, the exess of wich is pushed out. Then the bundles is fed by a special screen forming an outline of the shape of the profile. Then the pre-formed resin-saturated fiber bundle and wherein the irreversible process of curing takes place – chemical and thermal polymerization, after it exist the head, we obtain a composite product with the desire shape.

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Earth anchor

Earth anchor – a structure transferring the tensile forces onto the bearing layer of the soil. The working principle of the driven earth anchors is based on ground resistance, arising on the surface of the anchor foot during its movement (rotation). Such a concept of cooperation of the anchor with the surrounding soil is widely used in the construction of wharves, where the top plate of the sheet piling is "fixed" in the soil using a steel or concrete abutment plate, buried at a suitable distance from the sheet piling and connected to it with a bar tendon. A serious limitation in the use of such a design is the necessity of making a large trench, into which the abutment plate is placed. The solution to this problem is to use an abutment plate with an elongated shape and driving it into the ground without touching it.

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