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    In all countries in Europe, Africa and Asia, where production under the brand PIETRUCHA will take place, we will be perceived as a preferred partner and supplier of materials and solutions for the civil engineering and flood protection. Our main products are: geogrids and geocomposites under the brand POLGRID, vinyl sheet piles EkoLock, composite decking systems TerraDeck, PVC profiles for the construction industry and related construction materials. In our commercial offer is also a system of mobile flood protection IBS, which company PIETRUCHA is the exclusive distributor in Poland.


    Our customers are construction companies, distributors, architects, designers, investors, foresters who regard us as a reliable partner and choose us because of the fact that we can deliver the right solutions that meet their needs. We build our competitive advantage based on a strong presence in local markets based on well established family business with a long tradition, functioning on the market for three generations. We try to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction by quickly responding to their needs. We offer preferred range of products and services based on innovation, cost-effectiveness and experience.


    Each of the over 300 employees of the Group PIETRUCHA must have a rapt attention to customer needs, professional conduct. They must be trustworthy in business relationships. We know that the greatest asset of the company are its employees, therefore our ambition is to attract each other, recruit, develop and retain the best people.


    We will be environmentally and socially aware and will act responsibly for the good of society, both locally and globally.

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- vinyl sheet piling EcoLock
- geogrids Polgrid
- designing and technical advising 
- terrace decking system TerraDeck 

S. i A. Pietrucha is a technologically advanced company in a plastic materials processing branch. It is one of the biggest PVC windowsills producers in Europe. The company owes two facories and warehouses which are extended on over 10 000 m2 area. The company uses modern machinery and equipment to extrude plastic materials. It employs over 350 people.


In 1960 Mr Stanislaw Pietrucha  and his wife Apolonia started a business named "The Tennery Factory Stanislaw Pietrucha". In 1970s the factory became a leader on a local market. In 1979 it changed into a company named "The Pietrucha Tennery", when Andrzej Pietrucha - the son of the owner, joined the family business.

In 1990s the company developed its services. It started producing a wide range of PVC window and door profiles in a newly bought and fully renovated factory in Blaszki. In 1995 a new production of interior and exterior hollow window boards was launched thanks to a newly installed Austrian technological line Cincinnati. Produced window boards were wrapped with decorative foils bought from a Germany company Renolit. The owner of the company became Andrzej Pietrucha - the son of the initial owner.

In next years the factory became a modern company, fully equipped in the latest technological lines for producing PVC window and door profiles and PVC recycling. The main idea of this enterprise was to create a closed cycle of processing plastic materials.

In 1997 two old hotels in Duszniki Zdroj were bought and renovated. Nowadays they are one of the best quality and the most beautiful hotels in the South of Poland.

In 2000 the company started building a modern subsidiary in Ksawerow, which was completed in 2001 and from then it has been producing PVC profiles. This factory is spread on over 10 000 m2 area and has a modern production hall, warehouses and offices.

The Company in Blaszki, as well as in Ksawerow, operates only on the basis of private funds. It doesn't have any credits. Hopefully the company would still operate so dynamically and effectively in the future. Mr Andrzej Pietrucha intends to hand over the whole business to his son - Jerzy Pietrucha.

Mr Andrzej Pietrucha, as the owner, emphasize that the company is not only a family business handed over by father to son, in which condition and state his whole family is engaged, but it is also the atmosphere which his parents created and which is still present in every day life in the company. It means ethos of collective work and social life among all employees, common trips, celebrating holidays and goals to achieve.

The company has been on the market for over 50 years. Today it is a group of factories, wholesale and retail sale shops, which gives job to almost 300 people. We hope that we are able to use our experience and make conclusions from our big successes and small falls to exist and develop during next many years..


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